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Typically, you charge project-based fees as you become more familiar with the results you give your clients.

If you’re a web designer who knows your web redesigns get a 10% revenue lift for your clients on average, and this usually equals about ,000 more revenue for your client, you can price accordingly. (Tweet this) To start billing project-based fees, ask yourself: What value do you give?

For example, Mail Chimp has three pricing tiers for three different customer personas: Step 3: Include additional features and benefits The final step is to add unique features and benefits to each tier.

Here are three questions you can ask yourself to develop higher tier products: At Sumo, we learned our biggest clients have a lot of different tools they use for their businesses.

One way of determining your hourly rate is to reverse engineer your last salary. There are roughly 2,080 working hours per year, which means your hourly rate is about . And remember: It’s often better to take the easy route and just get started. When you productize your services, you start to free yourself from the shackles of time.

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And for our massive enterprise customers, this mean supporting enterprise products (like Infusionsoft and Hub Spot).It’s easy to start feeling guilty when you can’t directly see the value you bring to your client or customer.The best way to overcome this type of guilt is to understand the problems you help solve.An individual who just needs you to write an email funnel vs.a client who wants you on a monthly marketing retainer to help them send emails and optimize their opt-in forms every week have different needs.If you’re trying to maximize growth and revenue, I’ll share how to boost your revenue when you have diverse, proven, and in-demand skills. First, many first-time consultants and freelancers forget their rate assumes a 40-hour workweek. Second, many people don’t consider total comp and benefits (like health insurance) in their pricing. In the example above, an hourly rate would turn into about per hour.


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