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I text her back but I don’t really initiate the texting, and I’ve slowed down my need for sex with her significantly.I do not have time to respond to everyone just for funsies.She might be a little confused and you’ll have to explain what’s bothering you.She might be fine with it ending because she wants something real.And you’ve been friends—FRIENDS—for over a year!I don’t understand why you don’t think that warrants a face-to-face. It’s been over a year since we first started talking and I’m starting to believe she thinks we are more serious than we are.Since then we’ve had sex maybe 10 to 15 times (all of them pretty fantastic by the way), but I can tell that she is leaning toward wanting more.

I’m not saying this is the case, but you’ll never really know until you talk to her about this stuff.There’s no Serious Relationships Bureau that will note it down on your permanent record.How to Break Things Off With Your Clingy Sex Buddy You’ve got problems, I’ve got advice.I work for a large company and ended up hanging out with a coworker (in a different department) who I eventually had sex with.The phrase “scheduled sex” evokes dread for most couples.I usually skirt the issue and let her know that I’m busy. But we always end up hanging out when I’m bored on Saturday and having sex anyway.


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