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A fascinating and multi-faceted city, Jakarta offers everything from the bustling traditional markets of Pasar Baru and Pasar Tanah Abang to the sleek modern shopping malls of Plaza Indonesia and Senayan City, plus a rich and diverse nightlife and nearby national parks housing some of Indonesia's most distinctive flora and fauna. Whether you move to another city or go on a business trip somewhere — our communities are there to make you feel at home wherever you are in the world.If you're looking to meet new people, Jakarta's sizeable expat community means there are many opportunities for socializing, including voluntary work with local charities, sports and leisure activities, and outdoor adventures in nearby areas such as Mount Galunggung and Ujung Kulon National Park.Don't forget to check out Inter Nations' special social events, where expats will have the chance to gather together to share their stories over delicious food and drinks with live entertainment, special discounts, and more!Inter Nations is a unique community that is built on the principles of trust, respect, and friendly exchange between members, creating a safe platform for you to interact with fellow expats, both online and in real life.Feel free to ask questions and share your experiences of all aspects of life in Jakarta, from finding suitable accommodation to getting around the different parts of the city.We offer a wide variety of resources to make adapting to life in Jakarta as easy and pleasurable as possible.


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