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Here are the top sexting sites of 2017 that will get you from your phone to the bedroom in no time.1-900 numbers were the majority of late night commercials and you’ll still see them pop up from time to time.In another video described in the research a girl aged about 10 is "crying and clearly extremely distressed" as she repeatedly shakes her head at an unknown individual communicating with her over the internet, before she strips naked."Comments made in relation to this video on the site on which it had been posted say this video is an example of a 'sextortion' video, whereby a child is blackmailed on the basis of sexual content they have shared with the blackmailer," said the report.These sites know that a majority of people will give up trying before too long. Women actually know about these sites due to advertising, so any women inclined to sign up for a hookup site will most likely sign up with one of these.The truth is they have no incentive to sign up for a lesser known site they can't trust.

“Some older children may be willingly taking part in making sexually explicit videos because it might seem edgy or exciting.

"We all need to ensure parents have what they need to talk to their children about behaviour online, and that children and young people themselves understand the risks involved in getting naked online.

"This research proves again that an image online is an image shared and something which may seem like a good idea at the time can have long-term impact." Claire Lilley, head of child online safety at the NSPCC said: “The truly worrying problem is the number of very young children who are being coerced into providing material which is almost certainly finishing up in the hands of sex offenders.

One video described in the report featured a girl aged about seven who was heavily made up and dressed in underwear exposing herself.

The girl says: "Mum might see it and get worried and you know, like, delete my account." Another video of "extremely sexually explicit" acts featured a girl aged about 12.


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