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You get access to the Academy private members’ discussion group, where you get feedback from your fellow students and the DDA coaching team.As if that’s not enough, every month there is a members-only webinar hosted by Sasha with one of the guest speakers, including a live Q&A so you can get your questions answered. I was like “Excuse me…..” and right away I know it’s on. She said she was just out for a walk, not doing anything in particular! I have to go home and WORK on the DDS launch for fuck’s sake. After that me and my buddy (animal guy) were walking down the street and this little hottie all dressed in black was just crossing the street. I did the usual, said she was hot and just had a bit of a chit chat. Over the course of the video, you get step-by-step guidance on everything from how and when to use humour, ways to create vivid memories with her on dates, getting over the fear of rejection, all the way to how to cultivate authenticity, presence and become the effortlessly charismatic guy you know you can be!The seminar is an instant-access video from within the Sasha Daygame members’ area. I’ve been waiting for this since The Direct Dating Summit London at the end of 2010!!! Check out the trailer on this link, and leave comments!!! Click here to get instantly notified when Sasha publishes a new article or video! I’ve got the sickest line-up EVER – and even more guests to be announced!

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This isn’t complex theory, routines or scripted lines. I think : P This girl – check this – she’s only been “chatted up” twice in the last YEAR. I know the %chance of success is much lower than normal. Ever wish you could just practice (and get live feedback) on your seduction/flirting skills from a woman who’s heard it all? Isabelle has been coaching guys in the ways of the connection/flirting/arranging dates since 2013, and has spent HUNDREDS of hours in-field coaching with Sasha.A woman who will give you honest and constructive feedback…. Reserve your spot today, and get this skill down so you can get out there and start dominating!It ended up being an epic, historic rant and about an hour later, the attendees universally agreed that it was the most valuable 45 minutes they’d ever experienced!


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