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(see entourage game and pre-selection) Entourage game: also known as extreme pre-selction, this concept involves building a life where you have a great deal of beautiful women around you at all times, so that you are perceived as being attractive and are therefore able to meet and attract others. The formula: (C-R) Q S = A This is a sequence of events that cause someone to become attracted to you, should they not initialy view you as attractive.

Where; C = Comfort R = Rapport Q = Qualification S = Sexual Escalation A = Attraction The principles of attraction: Core qualities that cause people to become attracted to you before you even begin an interaction.

Some of his core theories and articles that he has become well known for include; Myframe: a core understanding of what attracts us to other people, and what causes them to be attracted to us in return.

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One guy came specifically for day game and f-closes girl he meets at the cash point!!!Metagame: the idea that meeting someone isn't just about the way you speak to them in the interaction but rather an understanding of the events and situations in the imediate vicinity to that interaction and potentially preceeding it.understanding and affecting these can be a core principle in attracting your ideal partner.His style will work with another style (some peps there had done MM for a long time and they got a lot it incorporate with there style) meet some grate peps any questions just ask but more impotently if your are thinking about taking his boot camp just do it trust me. but after just 2 hours TUITION with a MPUA my game had moved on by 1-2 months in just 2 hours!Student Testimonial: Leo Why I took the 1-2-1: I've been on the scene a little longer than most of the guys on this site but am still, in many many respects an AFC. Now, I have seen this done before but not in that sort of time scale. And he sexually esculated me in front of thousands! So book Adam, as I will do so again, and move your game on, this was fast forward....He's funny, interesting, and more than willing to share his techniques with anyone who's interested in them. The way he observes each situation and controls the frame of everything around him is pure genius.


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