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"But anyways, when are you going to find the courage to talk to her? "I can't think about that now, we have that chemistry test next week and as you so kindly pointed out, I have no clue what is going on in class." "Well maybe you can ask Allyson to help you study since we at least know she hasn't been looking at your ugly mug." Mike's smirk reappeared.

'I'll see ya, I have bio next, and I gotta get a seat next to Alex Wyatt since his notes are actually legible." He walked off, still chuckling at his own wit while my stomach still felt like a stone.

"Sorry, it just gets so stuffy in here." She said, flapping the bottom of the tank top, revealing even more ivory skin and giving me a glimpse of her flat stomach. "Do you spend all of your time in here working on chemistry, or do you do anything fun around campus? But back to that question, I just don't understand why the hydroxide just disappears?

I coughed to compose myself and turned the page to the question. "Yeah, it gets super hot in here, but at least its quiet and private." "Hmm, yes, I love the privacy," she said, glancing over the top of the cubicle at the row of heads. "Of course, of course you can come." "Awesome, we can work out the details later.I got a spectacular view of endless pale white thigh as Allyson's ass rose higher up the stairs, and I could just make out a strip of pink..."Scott, I appreciate a nice piece of ass as much as the next guy, but focus man! Do we have to have a good guy to girl ratio or are we allowed stag?" "Sorry, sorry man, just distracted with being called out earlier..." I tore my eyes away from the disappearing legs and turned towards Mike.He was what the girls would call 'alright lookin'' but he was the best friend a guy could ask for.I shot him a warning glance and turned my attention back to Professor Turner. But if I wasn't wrong, I could've sworn I saw those cherry red lips turn upwards at the corners as she strode past me, up the stairs and out of the lecture hall.


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