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Eric Johnson will be set for, if he can stay married to Jessica for long enough. via Celebitchy, Jessica (and her father Joe Simpson) learned a valuable, financial lesson after she married (and divorced) Nick Lachey without a prenup and are supposedly determined to protect Jessica's billion dollar brand of music, clothes, and shoes, should she and Eric not live happily ever after."Eric is on what you might call a vesting plan," said an insider to the magazine. Then, on each anniversary, he'll get another 0,000.

Eric Johnson, who will wed the singer/fashion designer later this year, has reportedly worked out a prenup with his fiancée that guarantees him bundles of cash!

“Still loving this Man is the easiest part of my life #Howthe West Was Won.” Got engaged to “Since I’ve Been Loving You” by Led Zeppelin on 11/11 at AM 7 years ago.

She’s comfortable in her own skin.” But now she finds herself among the growing number of celebrities—including Tyra Banks and Jennifer Love Hewitt—who have been forced to defend their figures against an army of body bullies (see box on page 60).Swapping her usual tour staples like Double Stuf Oreos and Cracker Barrel meals for the stricter South Beach Diet, “I’m eating differently and taking care of myself,” Simpson told PEOPLE in 2005.“I thought fried chicken was healthy because it’s chicken.” Add to that two-hour workouts with “lots of squats” six days a week, and it’s no wonder that Simpson told PEOPLE at the time, “My body is definitely an accomplishment.” But nowadays, with no reality show crew or movie camera to cause Simpson to stress over her size, “she’s relaxing a bit and living for herself,” says another Simpson source. This is more true to who she is.” Currently she works out with a trainer on the road and challenges her bandmates to games on her Wii.” The New York Post dubbed her “Jumbo Jessica” and placed Simpson on its list of 50 Fat Celebrities alongside Ruben Studdard.And even in the current state of economic turmoil, Simpson’s waistline managed to land on President Barack Obama’s radar. 1 TV interview with Matt Lauer, Obama glanced at a magazine cover and noted Simpson “is in a weight battle, apparently.” The brouhaha has left Simpson, 28, “sad and hurt,” says a source close to her, but also defiant.When she stepped into the spotlight as Nick Lachey‘s blonder half on their MTV reality show Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica in 2003, Simpson quickly became famous for her flighty food faux pas.


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