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The Smash 7 from Rossignol is an excellent ski for the adventurous beginner to solid intermediate skier who will start to venture into more off piste terrain.The Smash 7 is made with the Rossitop Cap Construction that keeps the ski lightweight and forgiving enough for the beginner skier to have control, but solid enough for the intermediate to have responsiveness when they ramp up the speed or find themselves in challenging conditions.Read More Hi I'm Adam and I was just skiing on the Rossignol Smash 7.I give this ski 5 out of 5 stars, especially for that beginner to intermediate skier.CLICK HERE We often overhear others using coded, cryptic language and sometimes wonder if they could possibly be referring to drugs.The following are some current street or slang drug terms.Or that kind of athletic beginner who is going to want to explore a little more of the mountain, than just sticking to the groomed trails.The waist width, you've got a platform that is really stable, really predictable.

A - LSD; amphetamine A-Bomb - Marijuana joint with heroin or opium; cigarette that contains heroin or marijuana Abe - worth of drugs Abe’s Cabe - bill Abandominiums - Abandoned row houses where drugs are used.Or that kind of athletic beginner who is going to want ...Read More Hi I'm Thom and I just got off the Rossignol Smash 7. It is a really unique ski for that kind of teenager getting out of rental getting out of junior.This is going to be a 4 out of 5 star ski, this is definitely for your beginner to intermediate skier.Really it would be great for someone who is just jumping out of junior skis, lookin...Read More Hi this is Evan I just got off the Rossignol Smash 7.


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