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Of all the movies out there to copy, though..Snakes on a Plane? Its biggest faults lie in the fact its called ' Flight of the Living Dead' and it comes on the heels of the goofy ' Snakes On A Plane'.

Okay, maybe not heels but who didnt think or say, man this is another ' On A Plane' movie.

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So you're on a plane and you end up going through a storm. Luckily the main characters inject their roles with enough nudge, nudge, wink, wink to come off with their dignity in tact.Brock Reynolds was Katherine Chancellor's son from her first marriage to Gary Reynolds.Kay was stunned to learn her tomcat of an offspring had found religion when he turned up at the Chancellor estate in 1974.His protégés and/or discoveries include thousands of successful young performers, such as: Home Links Sayings About Peter Sklar Peter Sklar on Wikipedia Beginnings Workshop Peter Sklar Online Peter Sklar on Facebook Beginnings Workshop on Facebook The Kid Who Played the Palace Peter Sklar on the Web Peter Sklar on You Tube Peter Sklar Scam Fighter Peter Sklar: So You Want To Be a Performer? "It is with great sadness to share the news that Beau Kazer passed away on December 30th in Thousand Oaks, California," said a . Kazer originated the role of Katherine Chancellor's (the late Jeanne Cooper) playboy-turned-missionary son Brock Reynolds in 1974.


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